Corporate Traveller Training

Many organisations send their personnel overseas on company business often ill prepared for the potential risks and dangers that exist. Whilst much of security revolves around common sense some individuals have little or no training of how to identify, avoid or deal with hostile situations or situational risks that they may encounter. For UK based companies there is a legal requirement to consider the risks that staff could be exposed to and take clearly demonstrable steps to reduce them to manageable levels. Unfortunately companies are either oblivious to the fact that this legislation exists and applies to them or they do not have the skills, knowledge or experience to correctly assess and manage the risks their staff face. Unfortunately if no or inadequate steps are taken to protect personnel travelling on behalf of the organisation and injury or death was caused individuals, can be held personally liable for failing to adequately manage the risks faced by their staff.

Trident Manor has the experience, knowledge and skills to train individuals and organisations in managing the risks faced when travelling away from their normal place of work. This training concentrates on preventative measures including situational awareness, simple research techniques, communication plans and reacting to risk based situations in a manner that is organisation specific and appropriate for the given situation. This training can be provided globally to individuals or multiple students and should be considered as a pre-requisite for staff travelling to locations where an increased risk exists.

By being proactive in ensuring individuals have received training before international travel an organisation is looking after the welfare of its personnel, reducing the risks to the individual and minimising the disruption caused by adverse events.

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