Upcoming Education & Training Events

Please find a list of events below. These events are ongoing unless otherwise stated:

Duty of Care – Staff on Overseas Deployments (17-18 March 2016)

This two day workshop provides staff travelling overseas with an understanding of the threats and risks that may be experienced whilst travelling in an official capacity on behalf of an employer and with information which can be proactively used to protect themselves.

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Specialist Security Driving Programme (Ongoing)

Driving in difficult and hazardous driving conditions where there are no roads, extreme climate variations and security risks? This is the course that you and your organisation need to attend to better protect your people, property and operations from the risks they might face.

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Duty of Care – Management Awareness Programme (Ongoing)

All organisations want to get the best out of their staff and ensure they are operating in a safe and secure environment. Some countries have made this a legal requirement. Do you understand you managerial responsibilities and how to deliver appropriate levels of care for your staff at home or abroad? This workshop provides managers with answers and solutions to their duty of care concerns.

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