Hospitality Industry Security

Even the most idyllic of destinations have risks associated with them. International hotels and venues have long been a target for terrorist attacks and the Kenyan east coast tourism industry has all but collapsed due to attacks from militants based in Somalia. Hotels and casinos have a different type of risk associated with them as do hospitality events where public entertainment is provided.

Trident Manor personnel have provided advice and guidance for the construction of five star global branded hotels, the security operations of a desert island hotel and the physical security requirements of independent entertainment venues. By understanding the operational requirements of the hospitality industry physical, technical and operational security measures are able to be introduced that discreetly reduce the risks faced.

Trident Manor personnel have conducted reviews of hotels and hospitality venues in the UK and internationally on behalf of individuals and corporate organisations in order to confirm their suitability. Whatever your hospitality security needs Trident Manor is able to assist.

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