SAVE® Programme

Unfortunately we are not all meerkats who are ever alert and aware of the dangers that surround them. As such it is important for organisations to educate their staff about the risks that exist and the steps that they need to take to reduce not only the personal risks but also those that can impact upon the wider organisation. Many international organisations do not see educating staff about the security risks, policies and procedures as a high priority, or where they do only play lip service to the amount of effort that is exerted. Trident Manor see things slightly differently in that it sees the education and providing security advice and guidance to staff as probably the best value for money protective security measures an organisation can invest in. By doing so their levels or alertness and vigilance are increased and they play a more proactive role in reducing security risks.

Because of this Trident Manor created the SAVE® programme, standing for Security Awareness and Vigilance by Education. The SAVE® programme provides organisations, irrespective of their size or geographic location with a framework on which to build bespoke educational programmes that helps protect individuals, staff and visitors.

For more information about the SAVE® programme and how it can increase the levels of security whilst decreasing the organisational risks please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation discussion.