Proactively Manage Driving Risks

Sunday, 2nd September 2018

7 Day Specialist Security Driving Programme

Proactively Manage Driving Risks

This unique programme combines the specialist driving skills and experience of the OnCourse team with the international security skills, knowledge and experiences of Trident Manor Limited. The course has been designed to enable students to successfully manage safety and security risks which they may encounter whilst driving by increasing awareness and proactively identifying and avoiding hazard and risks they may encounter. Key Objectives 

➔ To assess different driving conditions. 

➔ Understand off road capabilities. 

➔ Understand basic vehicle recovery techniques. 

➔ Understand basic vehicle maintenance.

➔ Increase driving skills and abilities 

➔ Drive defensively 

➔ Understanding journey management requirements. 

➔ Increase levels of situational awareness. 

➔ Understand threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

➔ Understand the Attack Cycle. 

➔ Understand basic surveillance techniques and how to detect hostile surveillance. 

➔ React to incidents. 

➔ Increase levels of personal security. 

➔ Increase protection of organisational assets.