Cultural Protective Services

Tuesday, 20th November 2018

In 2018 Trident Manor produced a series of training workshops for a national conservation organisation to educate at the management level in security and risk management.

By taking a holistic approach to security, this workshop introduced staff to the threats the cultural sector faces, how to assess risks and vulnerabilities and how to begin to secure themselves against these threats.

This provided a toolkit for participants to apply principles of security to the venue they managed, whilst still considering the constraints placed upon venues such as lack of funding, or the historic value of the building housing the artefacts. Loss in this sector has implications, not only financially or reputationally, but also loss of our shared and collective history and heritage.

Following this workshop all participants agreed that the event was useful and that they would recommend the programme to their colleagues.

Alongside this we also undertake security, risk and vulnerability assessments as well as security design reviews. We aim to provide practical solutions and recommendations to enable venues to achieve their goals in a cost effective manner.

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