Hospitality Sector - Security Risk Management Services

Hospitality Services

In support of the hospitality sector, Trident Manor offers a wide range of services for its clients in the UK and internationally that help identify and reduce the risks that are faced.

All services provided by Trident Manor are client specific and take into account the unique nature of operational activities, the location, and the sources of the threats that exist or can be anticipated.

The following are examples of services provided to clients within the hospitality sector.

Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments: Irrespective of how long a client has been operating it is good to have an independent review of venues to ensure that appropriate levels of protection have been applied and duty of care obligations are being met. Assessments have been undertaken around the world by Trident Manor staff at many tourist sites and hotels to ensure that risks are being managed, or solutions provided to manage them.

Security Audits and Reviews: Working with clients announced and/or unannounced audits are undertaken to examine the procedural activities undertaken at a venue and evaluate operational practices.

Emergency Planning Activities: In many cases, hospitality venues and organisations do not anticipate or plan for critical incidents, as such responses are often poor and further harm to individuals and the organisation is caused. Our emergency planning activities have been sought by national and multinational organisations to help reduce the risks that exist during emergencies, assist in recovery and support a return to normal operations in a timely manner.

Operational Support: At times circumstances are such that the normal organisational security risk management resources are insufficient to deal with ongoing requirements. Trident Manor supports organisations by providing staff for long or short-term assignments until the client is in a position to resume normal activities.

Security Design Services: Trident Manor helps clients within the Hospitality sector successfully manage security risks at the design stage by providing advice and guidance from the design to delivery stages and all activities between. We work with architects and other planners to ensure that the physical and technical security measures employed are appropriate and in line with the character of the client. With our experience operating around the world, we can support organisations wherever design services are needed.

Corporate Research Activities: Trident Manor supports clients within the hospitality sector by providing a wide range of ‘research activities’ that reduce or limit their exposure to risk. These include due diligence enquiries on locations or potential partners, background screening and open source reviews or investigations into inappropriate activities and behaviour. As a part of the Corporate Research Activities Trident Manor can also provide a full range of investigative services, both nationally and internationally.

Trident Manor is confident it has the experience, personnel and ability to help clients within the hospitality sector reduce their risks. For further information about any of the above services or any concerns you have within the sector please contact us.