July 2019

29th July 2019 | Introduction to Cultural Protection Workshop - This workshop is now closed please see later ones.

This is an introductory workshop aimed at volunteers, staff and other employees (gardeners, cleaners, facilities management etc.) who can play a proactive role in the protection of colleagues, visitors and artefacts. It provides a general awareness of the different threat sources that exist, some of the ways we can reduce these risks through operational practices, and the importance of reporting.

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September 2019

16th September 2019 | Introduction to Security Risk Management for Cultural Properties Workshop

This workshop has been created for those involved within Cultural Properties (museums, galleries, places of worship, historical houses etc.) and who have risk management responsibilities for that site or multiple sites within a region. It has been designed to help the participants understand the different threats that are prevalent across the sectors and how they can manifest themselves against properties, or operations. 

The workshop provides an understanding of a basic risk assessment processes and allows risk assessment processes to be followed, including the undertaking of a site based vulnerability assessment. Materials to enable the participants to continue and undertake their own assessments once back at their venues are provided as is a safe learning environment with peers from across the sector. 

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November 2019

18-19th November 2019 |  Advanced Protection of Cultural Properties Workshop

This two day workshop is aimed at those participants who are involved in security activities within the cultural and heritage sectors or major exhibitions and events. It goes into detail about the threat sources facing the sectors and the attack and surveillance methodologies used. It introduces the participants to situational awareness and behavioural analysis and proactive steps that can be taken to identify and reduce the risks that are faced.

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November 6-7th 2019 - Airside Defensive Driving Programme

A two-day, RoSPA approved, defensive driving programme specifically designed to reduce accidents and incidents whilst driving airside.

This RoSPA approved programme has been specifically designed to meet the needs of airports and management teams in reducing the number of accidents and vehicle related incidents that occur within controlled areas at airports. The aim is to evaluate the competency levels of drivers and then give them the skills to drive defensively within their and the vehicles capabilities.

The audience for this programme includes operational teams, security, fire and rescue services even baggage handlers and aviation support bodies. By undertaking this programme the airport can reduce the financial impact that vehicle related losses, damage or delays cause, reduce the instances of avoidable disruption and increase the capabilities and resilience of the organisation. 

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November 12-15th 2019 - Driving Assessor Programme

This three day RoSPA approved programme has been specifically created for organisations who have large vehicle fleets or have third-party drivers using their vehicles. If successful attendees are able to assess the quality and standard of individual drivers and confirm whether they are suitable to drive company vehicles.

The benefit of this programme is that it helps identify poor drivers or those with limited abilities and reduce the organisational risks of damage, loss and disruption.

Trident Manor and our partners at Newcastle International Airport (Training Academy) only use qualified and RoSPA accredited instructors who have years of experience in delivering quality programmes. We do not class this as a 'Train the Trainer' programme as a driving 'Trainer' is an instructor; who in our opinion, and legally should be qualified.

This programme is suitable for the oil and gas sectors, security industry, airports, chemical plants, humanitarian organisations, governmental and NGO's bodies and is so versatile that it can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Can you afford not to know who is driving your vehicles and their levels of competence? Are you meeting your duty of care obligations? By having trained assessors organisations are meeting these challenges and ensuring a degree of quality assurance that will help reduce accidents, damage and operational disruption.

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