Corporate Education Services

Corporate Security Educational Services

Since inception Trident Manor has been helping educate and introduce effective training packages for corporate clients around the world.

It is Trident Manor’s belief that by educating and training a workforce the greater the opportunity to identify and avoid risks that can cause injury, harm, loss or damage to a clients’ assets.

All our education and training programmes are client specific and are adapted to address the risks and vulnerabilities that exist and needs of the audience. We do not offer ‘off the shelf’ programmes as we do not believe that any two organisations, or the risks they face, are identical.

The following are some of the programmes that have been delivered to corporate bodies in order to protect their staff, assets and reputations:

PSSW™ (Personal Safety & Security Workshop): This well-established programme has been delivered to organisations where staff are at an increased risk of violence, threats and intimidation. The programme centres around conflict identification and avoidance instead of managing a situation where conflict already exists. Organisations sending staff on this workshop can be confident they are giving staff valuable personal security skills but are also demonstrating a proactive approach to duty of care obligations.

Workplace Violence Workshop: The corporate world is not immune from workplace violence and the impacts on individuals, teams and overall morale can be devastating. The workshop helps delegates understand the threats that exist whether internal or external and provides sensible solutions for managing and mitigating their impact. By increasing the levels of awareness organisations can be more proactive at protecting their staff and minimising their exposure to operational disruption and reputational damage.

Operating in Difficult Environments: This programme is aimed at corporate organisations that have to send staff overseas on official travel to places that can present operational difficulties and some exposure to additional risk. The instructors have spent decades operating internationally and help delegates understand the different threats and vulnerabilities that can be experienced and more importantly the steps that should be taken to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. The programme combines presentations with role plays and practical exercises to enable a range of different learning methods to be experienced.

Hostile Environment Training: This is a specialist programme that is client specific and tailored around the in-country risks and activities being undertaken by the organisation. Until Trident Manor is assured that the support mechanisms exist for the travellers and the risks have been adequately assessed no training will be provided. (Whilst Trident Manor provides education and training services it is first and foremost a security, risk and crisis management consultancy. If the traveller is going to be exposed to unnecessary dangers, without adequate support we will not be a party to that endangerment.) All enquiries regarding our hostile environment training should be sent to the Managing Director,

There are many other educational services available to corporate clients. For further details please contact us.