Legal & Insurance Support Services

Our Legal & Insurance Support Services

Trident Manor prides itself on the quality and discretion of services that are offered to the legal and insurance sectors; clients are never named, and tasks are completed in a timely and professional manner.

Trident Manor has undertaken tasks in Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, UK, Croatia and the USA for different clients and through its global network of resources is able to deliver on expectations.

The following are some of the services offered by Trident Manor.

Expert Witness/Testimony: The managing director has been formally trained as an Expert Witness with his areas of expertise being security risk management, security operations and crisis management. Trident Manor is able to offer this service due to the experience and knowledge of operating around the globe, across multiple sectors and with a knowledge of operational through to strategic level activities.

Due Diligence Enquiries: Trident Manor has undertaken numerous due diligence enquiries for clients that have ranged from background screening through to the identification of ‘ghost’ addresses in the Middle East. With the investigative backgrounds of our consultants and the geographic spread of our operatives we are able to support these type of enquiries almost anywhere in the world.

Investigative Services: Trident Manor offers legal teams and insurers the capability to undertake discreet research or investigative services when a crime or reputational risk exists. This includes surveillance activities (where legal to do so), post incident reviews, corporate research and open source interrogation. Our services are always discreet and are undertaken following the signing of non-disclosure agreements, aimed at protecting all parties.

Emergency Planning Support: As a means of reducing their risk exposure insurers are increasingly seeking the support of Trident Manor to ensure that their clients’ emergency planning and preparations are sufficiently robust and fit for purpose. Trident Manor works with clients to develop or review emergency planning activities and improve their capabilities to respond and minimise disruption. This support covers all aspects of an emergency life cycle including response, resilience, continuity, recovery and normalisation.

For further information about the above services or any other service offered to the sectors contact us.