Security Education and Training for Petro-Chemical Sector

Our Petro-Chemical Educational Programmes

Trident Manor and its team have provided a wide range of training and education programmes for the petro-chemical sectors. This has included the creation and introduction of the SAVE® programme which is dedicated to increasing the levels of awareness and vigilance across organisations and projects.

Training programmes to enable the continued delivery of operational activities have been introduced alongside specialist programme to enhance and develop the output of third party service providers.

Trident Manor works with clients by providing bespoke training and educational programmes that meet clients’ needs and are a positive risk management and reduction enabler.

The following are some of the training services provided to the petro-chemical sector:

Defensive Driving Programme: Many security and operational are undertaken in vehicles, even standard driving activities to and from site are sometimes hazardous due to the road, environmental or social conditions that exist. This programme teaches drivers about vehicle dynamics and how to drive safely and to the best of their, and the vehicles abilities.

All driving training is delivered by RoSPA, or approved driving instructors. The security awareness elements of this programme are delivered by operatives with many years’ experience of operating within the sectors.

Specialist Security Defensive Driving Programme: This is an advanced programme where there are increased levels of security risks or hostilities. It delivers increased levels of driving competence under stressful situations and advanced levels of awareness regarding in-country threats. The programme also delivers scenario based competencies that are ‘RtI’ related (Reaction to Incidents) including self-recovery, vehicle hijacking and ambush scenarios.

Situational Awareness Training: This programme is not only suitable for members of the security team but also of benefit to expatriate workers who may not undertake or be fully aware of the risks they face when operating overseas. The training can be delivered in isolation or as a part of a wider expatriate security induction programme.

The training increases levels of awareness regarding what is normal activity and what may be an indication of something else happening. From a security perspective it enable a proactive response to be mounted to intercept potential threats. From a personal security perspective this training enables potential threatening situations to be identified and proactive steps taken to avoid any harmful or conflict situation.

Surveillance Detection Programme: This programme is aimed at security personnel and CCTV operators who are involved in static guarding or patrolling activities or critical site assets.

The delegates are introduced to the fundamentals of surveillance and different methodologies that are used. Behavioural analysis taught alongside communication skills, especially non-verbal communications. The delegates are introduced to surveillance vulnerability assessments and critical point identification.

The programme is a mixture of theoretical and practical applications which include undertaking surveillance tasks and role plays. At the end of the training the delegates will have a better understanding of how surveillance is conducted, methods of identifying hostile surveillance and actions to take upon it detection.

Introduction to Security Risk Assessments (SRA): This two day programme has been designed to increase the capabilities of the security team to undertake initial and basic level security risk assessments that are primarily focussed upon vulnerability identification and mitigation. It enables costs for third party SRA to be reduced and upskills local staff to play a more proactive role in asset protection.

The programme is aimed primarily at in-house local security personnel who may not have received any formal training in security risk assessing but who can be trusted and developed to have this included as a part of their role.

In addition to this snapshot of different courses on offer by Trident Manor other courses are available such as public order training, firefighting skills, firearms and data collection activities. Whatever your security risk management needs are, Trident Manor can support you. For further information please contact: