Transportation Sector Security Training

Our Transportation Security Programmes

Trident Manor and its consultants offer a wide ranges of security and education programmes specifically for the Transportation Sector. We recognise that proactive security at transportation hubs cannot rest with dedicated security personnel and so we have created programmes that create cross party buy-in and which increase levels of awareness and vigilance for all.


For the aviation sector, working with our colleagues at Newcastle International Airport Training Academy programmes are offered that are not only internationally recognised but which can be delivered globally. In particular a RoSPA accredited ‘Airside Defensive Driving Programme has been created to reduce accidents and protect operators assets from damage.

Examples of training programmes offered to the Transportation Sector include:

Airside Defensive Driving and Situational Awareness Programme: A programme designed for those driving any vehicles airside in order to reduce accidents and prevent disruption but also to proactively observe and be aware of potential security threats. The programme involves practical driving and assessment stages as well as theoretical instruction. The airside driving relates to vehicles that are used by the delegates to improve the quality of their driving skills.

Situational Awareness Workshop: This programme is suitable for transportation hubs and is aimed at in-house staff, contractors and concessionary staff operating at all facilities. The workshop increases levels of awareness about what is normal activity and what may be an indication of criminal or terrorist planning and surveillance. For facility operators this programme can be introduced at the induction stage in order to increase the proactive protective measures that exist, a ‘force multiplier’.

PSSW™ (Personal Safety & Security Workshop): This well-established programme has been delivered to organisations where there is the potential of an increased risk of violence, threats and intimidation. The programme centres around conflict identification and avoidance instead of managing a situation where conflict already exists. Organisations sending staff on this workshop can be confident they are giving staff valuable personal security skills but are also demonstrating a proactive approach to duty of care obligations.

Emergency Planning Training: Having emergency plans is a positive step to managing organisational risks but have a limited use if not practised and exercised. Trident Manor works with clients to introduce phased learning experiences for those involved in emergency or crisis responses within the transportation sector. Following a review of existing plans ‘tabletop’ exercises are undertaken before progressing onto partial or full exercises. After each stage of the training an evaluation and review takes place to improve or reduce vulnerabilities and ensure clients exposure to risks are being met.

Port & Maritime Security Training: The protection of ports and shipping is of critical importance within the Transportation Sector. Trident Manor and it’s consultants can offer a wide range of accredited and practical training and education programmes.

There are many other specialist education and training programmes offered by Trident Manor. For further details about the above or to enquire about any other training programmes offered to the Transportation Sector please feel free to contact us.