The International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum


NOTE: Changes have been made to the holding of the conference due to take place in March 2023. Please visit the 'IAASF 2023 Conference' button below for further information.

The International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum (IAASF) is an organisation dedicated to supporting and educating a global audience on the protection of arts, antiquities and cultural heritage. This is achieved through the use of social media, conferences, and exhibitions from its Headquarters in the North East of England. The ultimate aim of the IAASF is to provide those involved in the protection and safeguarding of cultural and heritage sites with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to play a proactive role in the protection of the venues, artefacts and visitors to the sites.

People may ask why such events are needed, the answer is quite simple. Cultural and heritage sites provide millions of people with pleasure and enjoyment; whether as owners, organisations or members of the public. The value of the artefacts and sites are worth billions of dollars,  as a sector directly employing tens of thousands of people, indirectly hundreds of thousands more. 

Unfortunately, because of their beauty and value, art and antiquities have always been a commodity that is worth fighting over, stealing or destroying. Recent figures in the UK suggest that the cost of high-value art thefts by organised crime gangs is in the region of £350-480 million annually, with the global value of crimes against arts, cultural and historical sites believed to be in excess of £10 billion.

One of the primary ways in reducing the risks is for the cultural, heritage, arts and antiquity communities; as well as law enforcement and governments to work collaboratively, we see the IAASF as being a small part of that solution.

The conferences bring together some of the world's most knowledgeable experts within their field to share information about existing and future threats that can impact the sectors, as well as provide solutions that are efficient, pragmatic and cost-effective. Exhibitors are invited to showcase the latest products and services that are available to the sectors and the events offer a great opportunity for networking to take place that brings together so many specialists from around the world that experiential learning is easy to achieve.

Who Should Attend the Conferences?

The conferences are structured in such a way that they are intended to meet the needs of a wide audience by helping them understand the threats that exist, best practices in protection of assets and understanding the proactive part that everybody can play in reducing the risks that exist. This includes, venue owners, curatorial team, operations and facility management teams, security organisations and even government agencies. Ultimately, anybody who has either a personal or professional desire to protect our culture, art or heritage for future generations should attend. 

If you would like more information please contact us at IAASF or via the Trident Manor homepage.