IAASF 2022 Conference

IAASF Conference on "Post Pandemic Protection of the Cultural Heritage Sector" to be held in Amsterdam on 4-6 September 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges to the cultural heritage sector, demanding professionals to develop and adopt creative approaches to the protection of their collections, buildings, and staff, while still connecting with communities. In this climate, the heritage sector has continued to face not only the risks posed by the pandemic but also those derived from other threats such as natural hazards (e.g. flooding, tsunamis, fire, earthquakes), protests, organised crime, war and terrorism, just to mention a few. This has also raised pressing questions on how collaborative synergies among different professionals (e.g. heritage and security professionals, lawyers, academics, governmental bodies, and NGOs) can help minimise the risk of cultural heritage being damaged, stolen, or destroyed.

To provide an open platform for the discussion of these topics, the International Arts and Antiquities Security Forum (IAASF) will host its 2022 annual conference at the prestigious  Het Scheepvaartmuseum (National Maritime Museum) in Amsterdam, between the 4th and 6th of September 2022. The theme, “Post Pandemic Protection of the Cultural Heritage Sector”, builds on the 2021 event and discussed the existing and evolving threats that museums, galleries, places of worship, and other historical sites or venues are facing during the recovery from the global pandemic.

The 2022 Conference will not only examine these threats in detail but will also discuss operational solutions and the latest innovations to help protect cultural property, members of staff, and the public. The content will be split into two distinct sections, understanding the threats that exist and solutions that can minimise the level of exposure that venues and operations can experience.

Due to demand, there is also additional scope for exhibitors to demonstrate and show their latest products or services that directly support the protection of cultural and historical venues. ‘Master classes’ within specialist (but sector specify) areas will also be offered to all participants who wish to enhance their knowledge or learn new skills in the field of cultural property protection.

Further information and announcements regarding the event will follow over the coming months. In the meantime, anybody who has any questions about the conference can get in touch with the IAASF Coordinator and Cultural Protection Lead Louise Williamson.

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