Corporate Sector

Corporate Sector Educational Services

Trident Manor has a strong record of delivering learning and developmental programmes that have helped our corporate clients protect themselves and their staff wherever in the world they operate.

The following are some of the programmes that have been developed and delivered to corporate bodies in order to protect their staff, assets and reputations:

PSSW™ (Personal Safety & Security Workshop): This well-established programme has been delivered to hundreds of individuals from organisations where there is the potential for staff to encounter violence, abuse and intimidation. The programme centres around conflict identification and avoidance instead of managing a situation where conflict already exists. Organisations sending staff on this workshop can be confident they are giving staff valuable personal security (life) skills, whilst demonstrating a proactive approach to duty of care obligations.(4-6 hours)

Workplace Violence Workshop: The corporate world is not immune from workplace violence and the impacts on individuals, teams and overall morale can be devastating. The workshop helps delegates understand the threats that exist whether internal or external and provides sensible solutions for managing and mitigating their impact. By increasing the levels of awareness organisations can be more proactive at protecting their staff and minimising their exposure to operational disruption and reputational damage.(3 hours)

Emergency and Crisis Management Training:Trident Manor has worked with corporate clients to develop and create bespoke emergency and crisis management plans. The learning and development aspects have been delivered at Board level in the form of a briefing, followed by exercising through to the operational teams where simulated emergency and crisis situations exist. By allowing a workforce to understand what is expected of them during a crisis and giving them the tools to positively respond reduces the impact. The benefits of this type of corporate training became evident during the early days of the COVID-19 virus where clients were able to implement the lessons learnt to enable a proactive and timely response to the situation. This enables risks to be reduced and staff to remain safe whilst at work.This training can be delivered globally. (Subject to requirement.)

Travel Risk Management - Meeting Duty of Care Obligations: This programme is aimed at Human Resource departments and those managers who send staff overseas for long or short assignments. The programme helps participants understand the different travel risks that exist and the steps that can be taken to reduce individual and organisational risk exposure whilst travelling. It discusses human failings, frauds, violence, disease, environmental threats and organisational resilience. At the end of the workshop the delegates will have an increased understanding of the potential threats that exist, proactive steps that individuals and organisations can take to reduce those risks and the duty of care obligations on individuals and organisations to keep staff safe whilst travelling. (1 day) 

Difficult & Hostile Environment Training: These are specialist programmes provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of the threats that exist and the risks that are posed while operating in Difficult or Hostile environments. The programmes examines the wide range of threat sources that exist, including human, environmental, and climate related before reviewing means of avoiding or reducing exposure to them. The programmes provide operational advice and guidance as well as immersing the delegates into simulated exercises that will test their knowledge and responses. 

The trainers on these programmes are experts in operating in difficult and hostile environments but our materials with decades of experiences around the world. We do not provide pseudo military training (there are plenty out there offering such services) but our content is sensible, pragmatic and it keeps people safe. (4 & 7 days)

There are many other educational services available to corporate clients. For further details please contact us.