Cultural Sector

By knowing and understanding the threats being faced, the greater the opportunity to avoid or minimise the impact of it. Education and training services provide that knowledge.

Cultural Protection Services

Trident Manor has been delivering training and workshops dedicated to the Cultural and Heritage sectors for over five years. Clients have included national bodies, semi-governmental organisations,  internationally renowned institutions, and smaller/private museums. Whilst we continue to provide bespoke programmes dedicated to clients needs,  we have also created sector specific programmes to educate and provide the broadest opportunities for cross-sector learning and engagement. 

The following are some of the main programmes delivered to the Cultural and Heritage sectors:

Introduction to Protecting Cultural Venues – This is a specialist programme, Certified by the CPD Certification Service, aimed at those working within the global Cultural and Heritage sectors. The content has been designed to inform and educate the participants about the threats that can impact the sectors, how they manifest themselves, and steps that can be taken to reduce the risks posed by these threats. The programme provides participants with information, skills, and knowledge gained over many years within the Cultural and Heritage sectors and governmental organisations on how to identify, manage, and mitigate the security risks that exist within museums and other cultural venues. (Part day)

Protecting Cultural Venues Workshop – This workshop builds on the introductory level workshop and goes into more detail about the threats that exist (hook to hook), the attack methodologies used and protective layers that can be introduced. This is aimed at those participants who are wanting to build upon their knowledge gained in the introductory workshop and those involved in the movement, storage and exhibiting of artworks. (Full day)

Advanced Protection of Cultural Venues Workshop – This workshop is aimed at those participants who are involved in security activities within the cultural and heritage sectors or major exhibitions and events. It goes into detail about the threat sources facing the sectors and the attack and surveillance methodologies used. It introduces the participants to situational awareness and behavioural analysis and proactive steps that can be taken to identify and reduce the risks that are faced.(Two day)

Cultural Protection Services - Introduction to Security Risk Management – This workshop is aimed at site managers and those with regional responsibilities. It is designed to help the participants understand the different threats that exist and how they can manifest themselves. It provides an understanding of a basic risk assessment process and enables risk rating tables to be completed. A partial assessment exercise is undertaken to reinforce what has been delivered. (Full day)

Cultural Protection Services – Security Risk Management Workshop – This workshop provides delegates with a detailed understanding of the threats that exist within the sectors and how attacks take place. It takes participants through the completion of risk rating tables and conducting vulnerability assessments that look at physical, technical and operational activities. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to undertake a basic risk assessment of their, or others cultural properties.(Two day)

For details of any other training requirements for the Cultural or Heritage sectors please contact: Valentina