Humanitarian Sector

Humanitarian Education Services

Trident Manor personnel have developed training and development programmes for international Humanitarian and Aid organisations that help reduce the risks faced by their personnel, to their operations and reputations. With operational and strategic level experience in some of the most difficult operating environments Trident Manor Training Academy can meet all the learning requirements of any Humanitarian sector organisation. 

In addition to our academy based programmes our personnel are able to travel to any destination in order to deliver in-country programmes to meet your organisational needs. The following are some of the programmes that we offer to humanitarian organisations both in the UK and globally:

Operating in Difficult Environments: By default, most countries that require humanitarian support fall into the category of ‘difficult environments’. The programme combines presentations with practical exercises that assist and support the delegates understanding of the risks that can exist and steps that can be taken to ensure personal safety and security whilst maintaining operational effectiveness.

The programme is aimed at humanitarian workers with limited exposure to international operational experience or for those who have not been overseas for a number of years. As far as possible the programme is tailored to the likely risks that will be faced by the delegates in their place of deployment. (this programme can be delivered globally.) (3 days)

PSSW™ (Personal Safety & Security Workshop): Many locally engaged staff are exposed to greater dangers than their expatriate colleagues and are at an increased risk of violence, including sexual, threats and intimidation. The programme helps delegates identify and proactively avoid conflict instead of having to resort to conflict management which means a conflict situation already exists. Organisations sending staff on this workshop can be confident they are giving staff valuable personal security skills but are also demonstrating a proactive approach to duty of care obligations. (6 hours) 

Workplace Violence Workshop: Humanitarian organisations are not immune from workplace violence, which includes sexual violence, intimidation and abuse. The impacts on individuals, teams and overall morale can be devastating. The workshop helps delegates understand the threats that exist whether internal or external and provides sensible solutions for managing and mitigating their impact. By increasing the levels of awareness organisations can be more proactive at protecting their staff and minimising their exposure to operational disruption and reputational damage. (3 hours)

Specialist Security Defensive Driving Programme: This is an advanced programme where there are increased levels of security risks or hostilities. It can be delivered pre-deployment or in-country of operations. Levels of driver competence are increased under stressful situations and advanced levels of awareness regarding in-country threats provided. The programme also delivers scenario based competencies that are ‘RtI’ related (Reaction to Incidents) including self-recovery, vehicle hijacking and ambush scenarios. (3-5 days)

Situational Awareness Training: This programme is suitable for all humanitarian organisations staff. The training increases levels of awareness about what is normal activity and what may be an indication of something else happening. From a personal security perspective this training enables potential threatening situations to be identified and proactive steps taken to avoid any harmful or conflict situation. (1/2 day)

Hostile Environment Awareness Training: This is a specialist programme that is client specific and tailored around the in-country risks and activities being undertaken by the organisation. Unlike other programmes that are militaristic in their approach the HEAT programmes delivered by Trident Manor will only provide content that is necessary to know, understand, and reduce the risks to individuals in the theatre. Full details of the programme are available on request. (5 days)

For further details about these or any other training and educational services offered to the humanitarian sector please contact us.