Case Studies

Please find below a selection of case studies from Trident Manor.

Consultancy - Travel Risk Management

An international client regularly send staff overseas on company business. A review of the travel management processes and procedures was undertaken alongside the conducting of threat and risk assessments in a number of countries. As a result of the review vulnerabilities and unacceptable risks were identified and new procedures were introduced to successfully manage the risk to the traveller, the information they travelled with and the reputation of the client.

Education and Training - Specialist Security Training Programme

The Managing Director of Trident Manor was asked by an international client to devise a public order training programme for a team of specialist security personnel who had not received any formal training for over 5 years. A full training needs analysis was conducted where gaps and deficiencies were identified and an agreed scope of work put into place to empower the team to deliver all future training themselves. A bespoke ‘train the trainer’ programme was developed and delivered alongside an up to date physical training programme where the skills and operational requirements were practised before concluding in a final exercise.

At the conclusion of the training the client had in-house trainers who had the capabilities of delivering the practical training and exercises as well as over 100 personnel who had been trained in the latest public order tactics and techniques.

Education and Training - Educating University Student

A UK university employed Trident Manor to discuss personal and operational risks that could be faced by students when working with humanitarian or aid organisations in difficult and hostile overseas environments. The students were provided with information that helped them understand the different risks that could be experienced along with being given case studies to demonstrate the practical aspects of operating overseas.

At the end of the discussions the students were more aware of the risks that existed in an overseas environment as well as practical ways of maintaining personal safety by reducing the risks.

Corporate Research Services - Due Diligence Enquiry - Middle East

Trident Manor was employed by a client to conduct a due diligence enquiry against a company that was based in the UAE. Using a mixture of open source material and personal contacts Trident Manor was able to deploy researchers and conduct discreet enquiries at the reported Head Office of the subject of the enquiry. It was established that the offices were empty (door was unlocked and old mail lay on the ground) and had not been occupied for a number of years. Enquiries to establish the identity of anybody involved with the enquiry subject were equally as fruitless with none of the neighbouring companies remembering them operating.

This enabled Trident Manor to question the actual existence (within the UAE) and credibility of the company that was being researched and recommend to the client to be extremely cautious about any possible business dealings.

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