Cultural Heritage

Museums and cultural venues require specialist security and safety considerations to reduce and manage the threats that exist from opportunist thieves, Organised Crime Groups (OCG), insider threats, terrorists, and increasingly from protesters. Often security professionals without the specialist skills and knowledge fail to understand that standard approaches to the protection of cultural assets does not work and as such they implement things that are ineffective or that directly impact the normal functions of the venue.

Trident Manor has a wealth of experiences both nationally and internationally of working with the cultural and heritage sectors to ensure assets are protected in a considered and proportionate manner where the risks are considered and a balanced approach is adopted.

The Trident Manor team consists of experts in the field of cultural protection and includes the former National Security Adviser to Arts Council England and one of the current Consultant Advisors to them.

From museum designs, to the oversight of security operations for international exhibitions Trident Manor understands the requirements and has provided solutions for clients around the world. including theft, damage, access control and logistic support. Working with museums and cultural events requires a multi-organisational approach and a great deal of collaboration and understanding, we bring that expertise to our clients so that not only are assets protected but the protection is done in a  sensible and cost-effective manner.

Trident Manor sees itself as one of the foremost providers of services to the cultural and heritage communities and the growing client list bears testament to this. Details of our Cultural Protection Services can be seen in the link below but it is suffice to say that collectively the team have supported hundreds of cultural venues around the world through the delivery of security assessments, security designs, and the delivery of training to over 1000 people involved within the cultural, heritage, and museum sectors.

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