Research Services

Discretion and confidentiality are critical when dealing with sensitive and business-critical enquiries. Having the ability to conduct these types and levels of enquiries globally requires a trusted partner, let Trident Manor be your partner of choice.

Legal & Insurance Support Services

In the global market place doing business with the wrong partner or in the wrong location can have disastrous consequences, financially and reputationally. Trident Manor’s services have been used to undertake enquiries that confirm or validate an individual's background and identity, as well as establish the existence (or not) of third-party outlets.

As a result, Trident Manor has uncovered potential money laundering activities, identified non-existent factories and conducted international background screening; all of which have enabled clients to make informed decisions.

Having an organisation that has the ability to provide the range of services offered by Trident Manor, in the manner that we conduct our business is vitally important to ensure successful outcomes.

For information about some of the services offered by Trident Manor please follow the link below or contact us. If the matter is sensitive and confidential in nature, then the Managing Director can be contacted directly via email.