Specialist Programmes

Specialist Security Programmes

Trident Manor Training Academy creates and provides client specific security, risk and crisis management training programmes to meet the needs and requirements of that organisation. Whilst we have tried to demonstrate programmes that are sector specific there are many others that either do not fit neatly into a sector or are specialised and cross multiple sectors. The following are some of the programmes that are not included elsewhere:

Airside Defensive Driving and Situational Awareness Programme: A programme designed for those driving any vehicles airside at airports in order to reduce accidents and prevent disruption but also to proactively observe and be aware of potential security threats. The programme involves practical driving and assessment stages as well as theoretical instruction. The airside driving relates to vehicles that are used by the delegates to improve the quality of their driving skills. (This programme can be delivered globally.) ROSPA - Approved (2 days - conditions apply) 

Emergency Response Driving Programme: A programme designed for those people driving emergency service vehicles or who have to respond to emergencies and ongoing situations. Combines defensive driving with pressured scenarios to test and improve driving abilities whilst under pressure. Instructors are some of the best in the world and bring with them global experiences. (This programme can be delivered globally.) ROSPA - Approved (2-3 days)

Driving Assessor Programme: This programme has been specifically designed for those organisations that engage have a fleet of vehicles and numerous drivers, or where third party drivers are used on a casual basis. This programme provides in-house staff with the skills and abilities to assess the level of driving competency of other drivers to enable an informed decision to be made about their capabilities and suitability as a driver for the organisation. It reduces accidents, saves money and helps protect reputations. Note: We do not claim to 'Train the Trainers' and make individuals driving instructors within 3 days. All of our instructors are qualified by RoSPA and the Department of Transport for the vehicles which they instruct in without falsely advertising the benefits or capabilities of our delegates. This programme can be delivered globally. ROSPA - Approved (2 days) 

OSINT Research Programme: This programme teaches the delegates the fundamentals of the intelligence cycle and how through the use of open source material can be collected, collated, and then disseminated in a timely manner to enable informed decisions to be taken. It shows the benefits of understanding and identifying patterns and trends and how the presentation and visualisation of information supports and benefits the research. A great programme for those involved in operating in difficult environments or who have to provide clients/management with detailed, processed information. This programme can be extended and delivered globally. (3 days - conditions apply)

Surveillance Operators - Intermediate: (Level 4 qualification) This programme is designed to provide delegates with an understanding and knowledge of surveillance activities and method of operations. It takes delegates through communication and observation skills, operating as a team or individually in static or mobile scenarios. Ideal for those seeking a formal qualification in surveillance and to help in their role as an operative, investigator or as a part of a protective detail. This programme can be delivered globally. (5 days)

Surveillance Operator - Advanced: (Level 4) A continuation of the intermediate programme that develops enhances surveillance skills and includes the organisation and management of surveillance activities. This programme can be delivered globally.(5 days)

Introduction to Risk Assessing: This programme has been developed by Trident Manor to provide the delegates with the skills and knowledge of undertaking a risk assessment outside a health and safety setting. It identifies the threats and hazards that exist and how the delegate must put it into context of their own organisation before being able to accurately undertake an assessment. The programme mixes theory with practical activities and has already been delivered to hundreds of delegates. This programme can be delivered globally. (1 day)

Intermediate - Risk Assessing: This programme builds on the introductory one and goes into greater details to enable delegates to undertake surveys, evaluations and assessments using standard tools and undertaking detailed practical exercises. Full details of the contents are available on request. This programme can be delivered globally. (2 days)

All Levels - Medical Training: Trident Manor Training Academy is proud to announce that whatever you medical training needs are, from introductory levels through to hostile environment trauma training we offer programmes to meet your individual or organisational needs. Training is delivered at our Headquarters, your offices or internationally, our team can travel as individuals or as a part of a wider team to support training (and operational) needs. 

 For further details about the above or to enquire about any other specialist training programmes offered by Trident Manor Training Academy please feel free to contact us.