Trident Manor Training Academy

The establishment of the Trident Manor Training Academy has been driven by client demand for the continued delivery of specialist, and bespoke learning opportunities. Our intention is to be the global leader in providing security, risk, and crisis management learning programmes that are beneficial to delegates and the organisations who send them.

For several years Trident Manors’ personnel have been involved in the delivery of specialist security, risk and crisis management programmes that increase knowledge and develop the skills of the recipients. The demand for our services has led to continued engagements with clients in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

As a result of this demand and in order to devote time in delivering a first class service for existing and new clients a strategic decision was taken to form Trident Manor Training Academy.

Our intention is to bring together subject matter experts from across the world to continue our delivery of specialist security, risk, and crisis management learning programmes that are client/sector specific and which will add value. Whilst we will continue to develop bespoke programmes for clients we will also develop and deliver programmes that are accredited or which we will have accredited.

To ensure the highest standards are maintained and adhered to Trident Manor sought third party confirmation that we are able to meet the highest standards of service delivery that is industry compliant. In June 2020 Trident Manor was accredited by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance as an 'Approved - Highfield Qualifications Centre' and by the CPD Certification Service as an ‘Accredited Service Provider’.

Our learning and development services designed to support most sectors and industries wherever they operate. Our aim is to provide clients with mixed methods of delivery which will include in person at our training centre or international venue, using technological means and portals, or through a combination of both.

We will continue to develop programmes that meet the global needs of our clients and ultimately Trident Manor Training Academy will be identified as one of the best learning environments for security, risk, or crisis management training in the world.

For details of our current programme schedule please visit our interactive calendar or tab on the specific sectors boxes below to find out about specialist programmes that are offered.

If the programme that you are seeking cannot be found, then please feel free to contact us and a member of the training team will come back to you.