Protect Reputations

Trident Manor recognises that it can take a decade to establish a reputation and seconds to lose it.

Protect Reputation

To reduce the threat of reputational risk the Trident Manor team helps individuals and organisations understand their exposure to reputational damage and helps establish proactive measures to minimise the impact that may be caused. In many cases this involves ensuring risk management governance is robust and suitable for organisational and individual’s needs.

Trident Manor has enabled several organisations and individuals to reduce their reputational risk exposure by reviewing and introducing legally robust governance and providing operational support at times of heightened vulnerability. This has included work with global technology giants, chemical companies, architects and high-profile individuals.

A major part of the proactive protection programme is the education of staff about the part they play in reducing organisational exposure to reputational risk and how they can minimise reputational damage to themselves and the organisation.

Crisis situations bring with them an increased risk of reputational damage. Trident Manor has worked with many organisations to develop emergency and crisis response programmes that reduce the client's exposure to reputational damage. Work has been carried out for clients across the UK, Africa, Asia and the Americas that has resulted in increased robustness to reputational protection and minimisation of reputational risk exposure. 

Do you have concerns about how to protect your reputation or that of somebody who you manage or are responsible for? If so, why not contact us for an informal discussion about how we can help you manage reputational risks.