Specialist Driving

Having worked globally and in some very difficult driving environments (standards of vehicles, quality of roads, and driving abilities) we know the importance for individuals and organisations to be able to drive defensively. Our specialist driver training programmes are delivered by internationally renowned instructors who have many years of experience delivering specialist training for governmental organisations and professional bodies. During all of our driver training programmes, we would hope that delegates remind themselves that safety and security should remain their priority whilst on the roads. The academy is currently working to increase our available specialist driver training programmes including delivering our programmes internationally. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Level 2 - Driving Defensively (NCFE Accredited)

This programme helps people understand the environmental, situational, and human risk factors that can cause accidents, damage, injuries, and unfortunately the loss of life. By continuing on our ever-present theme of ‘proactive prevention’ we see this programme as being beneficial to drivers of organisations that have large vehicle fleets or are suffering unacceptable rates of accidents. This programme can help reduce injuries and deaths while saving organisations tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, maintenance and insurance costs.

Level 2 - Driving Assessor (NCFE Accredited) - 3 days

This programme has been specifically designed for those organisations that operate a fleet of vehicles and numerous drivers, or where third-party drivers are used on a casual basis. This programme provides in-house staff with the skills and abilities to assess the level of driving competency of other drivers to enable an informed decision to be made about their capabilities and suitability as a driver for the organisation. It reduces accidents, saves money and helps protect reputations. Note: We do not claim to ‘Train the Trainers’ and make individuals driving instructors within 3 days. All of our instructors are qualified by RoSPA and the Department of Transport for the vehicles in which they instruct without falsely advertising the benefits or capabilities of our delegates.

Level 3 - Specialist Protective (VIP) Driving (NCFE Accredited)

This NCFE-accredited customised programme is taught by Level 4 (RoSPA-accredited) Advanced Behavioural Driver Trainers who have experience working in the UK, Africa and the Middle East. Training will take place across four days and will cover driving defensively, understanding different threat types, professionalism, protective route planning, and situational awareness. Pre-course learning tasks must be completed prior to the 4-days of intensive face-to-face training, 70% of which is practically based. We recognise that there may be an interest in this programme for organisations operating over seas which we are more than happy to cater for.

Level 3 - Proactive Transportation of High-Value Artefacts (NCFE Accredited)

This certified programme helps reduce the risks and protect assets from threats, adversarial or otherwise, faced during the transportation of high-value artefacts (HVA). It represents a proactive risk management and risk reduction approach to the protection of HVA that brings additional benefits including reduced road traffic accidents, increased levels of awareness and vigilance, and reduced unnecessary financial loss. This programme includes driving defensively, understanding the threats to the transportation of HVA, adversarial attack methodologies, situational awareness, surveillance detection, and reaction to incidents as programme modules.

Airside Defensive Driving and Situational Awareness - 2 days

A programme designed for those driving any vehicles airside at airports in order to reduce accidents and prevent disruption but also to proactively observe and be aware of potential security threats. Airside driving relates to vehicles that are used by the delegates to improve the quality of their driving skills. The programme involves practical driving and assessment stages as well as theoretical instruction.

Emergency Response Driving - 3 days

This programme is designed for those people driving emergency service vehicles or who have to respond to emergencies and ongoing situations. Combines defensive driving with pressured scenarios to test and improve driving abilities whilst under pressure. Instructors are some of the best in the world and bring with them global experiences from almost all continents.

SASAP - Situational and Surveillance Awareness

This programme is ideal for those working in areas of potentially high-risk levels of crime and violence. This ensures increased awareness and vigilance to help conduct attack surveillance. This programme is recommended to, diplomats, business executives, security personnel, valuables in transit personnel, and families on overseas assignments.