Personal Safety and Security

Our team have an impressive record of delivering specialist, developmental programmes that have helped our corporate clients protect themselves and their staff wherever in the world they operate. The following are some of the programmes that have been developed and delivered to corporate bodies to protect their staff, assets and reputations. To discuss any of our training programmes with the team, feel free to contact us.

PSSW™ (Personal Safety & Security Workshop) - CPD - Half Day:

PSSW™ (Personal Safety & Security Workshop – CPD Certified): This well-established programme has been delivered nationally and internationally to hundreds of delegates. It is especially beneficial where staff are at an increased risk of violence, intimidation, or anybody who faces the prospect of conflict situations, medical teams, lone workers, or international travellers. The programme centres around conflict identification and avoidance instead of conflict management which is viewed as missing the opportunity to stay safe. Organisations sending staff on this workshop can be confident they are giving staff valuable personal security skills whilst demonstrating a proactive approach to their duty of care obligations.

Preventing Workplace Violence Workshop - CPD - Half Day:

The potential for workplace violence exists globally and does not necessarily have to be within a building. Wherever there is human interaction there is a possibility of workplace violence and conflict occurring. This CPD-certified workshop helps delegates understand the threat sources that exist, whether internal or external and provides sensible solutions for managing and mitigating the impact of such actions. By increasing the levels of awareness individuals can be more proactive in minimising their exposure to harm or injury and understand actions that can be taken. This helps organisations to reduce operation disruption, welfare issues, and reputational damage.

Introduction to Situational Awareness - CPD - Half Day:

Having the ability to proactively assess and evaluate the situational environment enables the potential for harm to be readily identified and proactive steps taken to avoid the threat through increased awareness and vigilance. The programme examines natural and adversarial threat sources and uses sensory stimuli to evaluate any given scenario. This workshop has benefits for all sectors, organisations, and individuals, irrespective of where in the world they are located. It also provides a system that can be used to initiate pre-determined actions if a threat threshold is reached. Situational awareness is an effective protective tool whether at work, in the street, or at home and can help not only reduce the risks faced by individuals but also colleagues, family and friends.

Introduction to Surveillance Detection - CPD - Half Day

This programme ensures delegates understand the concept of Surveillance, more specifically, Hostile Surveillance. How to detect hostile surveillance, the measures to counter-act it, and the types of places where hostile surveillance may take place are discussed. Being able to spot hostile surveillance is an effective skill and proactive response to preventing risks from escalating.