Trident Manor Protective Services

Trident Manor Protective Services (TMPS) has been established to provide local, national, and international clients with the same level of professional services as are delivered by Trident Manor Limited.

Trident Manor's senior management team have been involved in the delivery of protective security services for clients all over the world, including in some of the most difficult and hostile environments. These protective security services have been provided across multiple sectors including governmental, oil and gas, humanitarian, retail, hospitality, and cultural. This has involved the provision of protective security services to a wide range of individuals and VIP’s such as royalty, heads of state, senior government officials, senior executives, and individuals facing adversarial threats to their lives.

Following a strategic review a decision was taken to establish Trident Manor Protective Services (TMPS) to offer and deliver protective security services that meet client’s needs and address the demand for professional services. In doing so Trident Manor is able to offer a full range of specialist security, risk, and crisis management services, including; consultancy, research, and training activities to ensure the highest quality of services are delivered and standards maintained.   

Whilst based in the North East of England, all services offered by TMPS are available for long or short term assignments, locally, nationally or internationally. Some of the services offered by TMPS include:

  • Embedded Security Managers
  • Executive/Close Protection
  • Concierge Services
  • Escort (High Value) Services
  • Static/Mobile Protection Services
  • Maritime Security Personnel
  • Professional Security Drivers
  • Keyholding Services
  • Event Security
  • Store Detectives
  • Intelligence Collators

To adhere to, and maintain the standards expected of a Trident Manor representative, anybody engaged by TMPS will undergo a series of checks and enquiries before being accepted on the team. In addition, only those who successfully pass the TMPS Induction Programme will be offered assignments. This helps ensure that quality and standard of service are maintained.

As the company grows the intention is to offer all members of the TMPS team the opportunity to continually develop their professional skills by offering learning opportunities and an ability to specialise.

Promotion is not automatic, and progression is through a structured management approach which requires the successful completion of our in-house Supervisor and Management Development programmes. TMPS understands that there is an under-representation of ‘Women in Security’ and as such will work proactively to redress this balance and provide meaningful opportunities for progression and specialisation.

Every member of the TMPS team is a representative of the Trident Manor family and as such will be expected to deliver and maintain the highest, most professional standards and quality of service.

For further details about how TMPS can provide protective security services for you and your organisation feel free to Contact Us.