Protect Information

Trident Manor supports organisations in protecting their information from adversarial threats whether they be competitors, disgruntled employees, criminals and hackers.

Protect information

This is achieved by working with individuals and organisations in identifying, and categorising the different types of information that exists, and the levels of vulnerability or target attractiveness that information has.

This then allows physical and technical barriers to be established that are supported by robust operational practices.

By adopting this approach Trident Manor has helped reduce organisational risk exposures and vulnerabilities created by poor governance or protective security measures. Through engagement with Trident Manor possible data leaks at research and development sites have been identified and managed, inadvertent disclosure of technical security measures used in the protection of priceless artefacts has been prevented and the future movements of staff and operational activities in hostile and difficult environments has been controlled on a need to know basis.

Where IT security services are required Trident Manor works with different teams of specialists from around the world to manage and mitigate the vulnerabilities and to prevent leakage. Trident Manor offers clients 'Red Team' (penetrative-testing) services of their physical and technical data sites and devices.