The hospitality industry is a multibillion-dollar sector that caters for the needs of its customers through the provision of accommodation, tourist activities and holidays, sporting venues, theme parks and dining experiences.

Unfortunately, due to the easy targets and rich pickings that many hospitality venues offer criminals and terrorists have; and will continue to target the hospitality sector. 

The vulnerabilities of the sector are not country specific as has been demonstrated by terrorist attacks on beach resorts in Tunisia, attacks at football stadiums in Paris and at concerts in Manchester. Crime, drunkenness and violence frequently occurs at bars, restaurants or major public events which can directly impact individuals fear of becoming a victim and well as cause damage to the finances and reputation of the organisations.

Trident Manor has a wealth of experience in helping the hospitality sector understand the threats and risks that can impact them and damage their profitability. Whether in the UK or international we work with clients to introduce solutions that are proportionate, sensible and effective. If you are a hotel, tour operator or manager of a sporting stadium we are able to provide solutions that reduce the risks that you may face.

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