Counter Terrorism Guidance

Terrorism and the risks it brings have spread to all corners of the earth and irrespective of whether political, ideological, religious, or for a single cause it can have a devastating impact on us all.

Terrorism is the use or threat of violence for political or ideological aims. It is not a new threat and has been used as a weapon for centuries. Although the origins are disputed the old saying of “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” remains as valid today as it did 50 years ago.

Trident Manor’s Managing Director and senior consultants have over 35 years of working against the threat of terrorism in both overt and covert roles. This has included working and operating in some of the most dangerous places in the world including Northern Ireland (during the 1980s), Uganda, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and Pakistan.

Physical protective measures have been designed, personnel have been protected, and operations to enable the continued delivery of services planned and executed. The team is acutely aware of how to adopt a balanced approach that protects while not causing unnecessary concern to those being protected.

Trident Manor has provided guidance and support to multiple national and international organisations where the risk from terrorism (and organised crime) has posed a real threat to personnel, operations, reputation, and other assets.

Whether in the United Kingdom or internationally, Trident Manor has the skills, knowledge, and experience to protect your assets and help continue operations in a safer and more secure environment. Our services are tailored to the individual or organisation and are based upon the existing or anticipated risks to the assets. Examples of some of our services are included in the link below or you can contact us.