Humanitarian Support

Humanitarian and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) provide services and support for millions of people around the world who have been affected by conflicts, natural disasters, and man-made crises such as human trafficking, drug production and organised crime.

In many cases, the places where those organisations have to operate have additional risks associated with them caused by situational events such as conflict and crime or natural events such as floods and earthquakes. These risks have to be managed to enable the successful delivery of the aid, welfare and support that is needed.

Trident Manor has the experience, skills and ability to support humanitarian/aid organisations in managing these risks. We have correctly assess the risks faced by organisations and provide sensible, workable solutions to manage them, enabling organisations to operate more safely and securely.

Trident Manor can prepare detailed risk assessments, operational security plans, policies and procedures that are needed to meet the organisational duty of care requirements. In addition, we create and deliver bespoke training and education programmes that enable staff to take a proactive part in managing organisational risks.

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