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Introduction to Protection of Cultural Properties
This is a specialist programme, 'Certified' by the CPD (Continued Professional Development) Certification Service, is aimed at those working within the global Cultural and Heritage sectors. The content has been specifically designed to inform and educate the participants about the threats that can impact the sectors, how they manifest themselves, and steps that can be taken to reduce the risks posed by these threats. The programme shares information, skills, and knowledge gained over many years within the Cultural and Heritage sectors on how to identify, manage, and mitigate the security risks that exist within museums and other cultural venues. The programme content includes: • Understanding Hazards and Adversarial Threats • Attack Methodology – The Attack Cycle. • Situational Awareness. • Surveillance and Surveillance Detection. • Effective Operations This programme is ideal for those involved in operational activities within cultural and heritage venues including: front of house staff, invigilators, visitor service teams, curatorial teams, facilities teams, and even security personnel. At the end of the programme participants will have increased knowledge and awareness of the threats and be able to proactively participate in reducing the risks that the venue, visitors and staff may face. (Note: To assist and support our global audience this event is being hosted using Zoom. Further information is available via the ticket link.)