Protect Property

Property can include, but not be limited to buildings, jewellery information, trademarks and cash. As such property is an asset that individuals and organisations want to protect.

Protect Properties

A failure to prevent the loss, harm or damage to property can not only impact individuals personally. Still, it can also affect an organisation's ability to operate effectively, generate income or deliver services. This can result in operational disruption, loss of productivity, and reduced customer confidence, which can impact an organisation's financial viability.

Trident Manor works with clients to understand the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that exist and helps implement strategies to manage, mitigate, and avoid the negative impact of such events. Trident Manor created the POT-E™(Physical, Operational, Technical and Educational) approach to the implementation of security risk management measures in order to increase resilience and defence in depth when protecting assets.

We have helped clients worldwide protect their property from adversarial threats including, insider threats, industrial espionage, organised crime groups, and acts of terrorism. Our clients have included and continue to include a wide range of sectors such as energy companies, hospitality venues, cultural properties, retail, governmental organisations and corporate clients, 

Trident Manor's expertise and global experience help individuals and organisations protect their property in a sensible and cost-effective way. For further information about the services provided by Trident Manor Limited please contact us.