Protect Property

Property; whether buildings, machinery, jewellery or cash is an assets that individuals and organisations want to protect.

Protect Properties

A failure to prevent the loss, harm or damage or property not only can have a personal impact, but it can also affect an organisations ability to operate and disrupts productivity.

Trident Manor works with clients to understand the threats, risks and vulnerabilities that exist and the steps that are needed to manage, mitigate and avoid them in the first instance. For over 10 years Trident Manor personnel have adopted the POT-E™(Physical, Operational, Technical and Educational) approach to the implementation of security risk management measures.

Over the past five years Trident Manor has helped multiple organisations protect their property from criminal, terrorist and other threat sources around the world. Whether a technology company in India, a charity in Africa or a chemical company in Latin America Trident Manor helps you protect those things you care about.

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