Due Diligence Enquiries

Have you ever hired the wrong person or agreed a contract with somebody who has ran off with the money? Unfortunately it happens frequently and a lot of organisations time, effort and money is lost or wasted due to them failing to verify and confirm that individuals and organisations are who they say they are.

Trident Manor has the experience and global network of contacts to conduct research on behalf of clients to confirm that the details provided are accurate and substantiated. This research can be done overtly by conducting interviews and following up on references or discreetly by looking at life patterns, visiting premises to verify existence, capabilities or capacity and through discreet social enquiries.

Since 2013 Trident Manor has conducted or supported due diligence enquiries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the UK. For further information about Trident Manor’s Due Diligence services feel free to contact us for a no obligation and confidential discussion about your needs.