Emergency and Crisis Management Training

How an individual or organisation reacts to an emergency or crisis can mean the difference between life, death and the continued existence of the organisation. The requirement for planning to be undertaken cannot be over emphasised, nor can the requirement to conduct exercises and training to test the plans. A well written plan that is not tested for resilience or to whether it is fit for purpose loses all real value; other than a reactionary reference sheet.

Trident Manor works with clients to test verify that the plans are fit for purpose through conducting announced and unannounced exercises including, practical’s, table top or a mixture of both. Following the testing and exercising Trident Manor works with the client in reviewing and where necessary assisting with the modification of the plans to improve quality and effectiveness.

Due to the experiences gained internationally Trident Manor is able to conduct training remotely, on site or internationally to support the training process in reducing the impact of such events.

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