Emergency Planning Services

Organisations do not plan to have emergencies that risk loss, harm or damage to individuals or the organisation. However, many fail to plan or recognise the types of emergencies that can have an impact on their organisations, or fail to take steps to prevent or reduce the likelihood of the emergency in the first place.

Trident Manor adopts a risk based approach to emergency planning and looks holistically at the organisation’s operations, personnel and existing procedures. Where emergency plans, (i.e. incident response, business continuity, emergency action drills etc.) exist Trident Manor has the skills and experience to review and if necessary upgrade the plans. Where no plans exist Trident Manor will work with the client in preparing and introducing new, fit for purpose policies, practises and procedures that are organisation specific.

In addition to creating plans Trident Manor understands that a plan is only a document if it has not been tested or exercised. Trident Manor can provide clients with specialist training and educational sessions for organisations that test the plans through physical or scenario based exercises.

We can help you prevent emergencies becoming disasters.

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