How Do We Do It - The Trident Approach

Trident Manor adopts a consultative and collaborative approach to its client relationships; recognising that different clients will have individual priorities, circumstances and requirements. Therefore this initial ‘Discussion and Understanding' stage is there to understand the client’s expectations and what services are needed or required. This initial consultation stage is free of charge.

A review of existing or proposed security and risk reduction measures is then carried out, including site visits, the completion of a threat identification process, a client specific risk assessment, documentary and procedural review and discussions with key stakeholders. This allows the preparation of a series of options and recommendations to reduce any identified risks and vulnerabilities. The client is then able to make informed decisions about the most suitable course of action they wish to pursue.

The options and recommendations are then implemented before a secondary review (Post Implementation Review) is conducted in order to confirm that the selected risk reduction methods have been implemented.

By adopting this approach Trident Manor is confident that the risks faced by individuals and organisations will be reduced and correctly managed.

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The Trident Approach

The Trident Approach