Operating in Difficult and Hostile Environments

Many organisations are required to send their staff to work in difficult or hostile environments in order to achieve organisational objectives. Some of these locations are viewed as being difficult or hostile due to the climate, socio-political situations, levels of violence and crime or because there is a lack of infrastructure and support.

Parts of the United Kingdom fall within these type of operational environments but at times organisations fail to recognise them as such. Internationally the identification of difficult and hostile environments is easier due to the prevailing situations, lack of law and order, conflict, drought, floods etc. However, it is important for organisations to recognise the environments they are sending staff into and to provide them with the skills, knowledge and equipment with which to correctly function and deliver the desired services.

It is important, sometimes a legal obligation for organisations to assess the risks and take steps to correctly manage them before sending personnel to this type of location. Trident Manor has a wealth of experience in managing the organisational risks in these types of environments and has the ability to provide clear advice, guidance and support in order to enable such them to be correctly managed.

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