Personal Security Training

There are places, times of the year or situations that we find ourselves where the risks to our personal safety and security are increased. The best way of avoiding risks is not being there in the first instance which is great if achievable but it is not always desirable or practicable. The second best way of avoiding risks is by understanding what risks are faced and taking proactive steps to mitigate the likelihood of the risks impacting upon you or colleagues.

The Managing Director of Trident Manor has spent over a decade educating individuals, groups and families about how to stay safe in countries as far afield as Uganda, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan by increasing levels of alertness, vigilance and how to react if things go wrong. This training does not create Supermen (or Women) it is centred on the principle of avoidance by improving situational awareness, lowering the ‘victim profile’ and adopting sensible practises that proactively avoid difficult situations in the first instance.

Although general in nature this training can be tailored to specific locations or how to deal with specific types of incidents of patterns and trends have been established. Personal security training should always be provided for those staff or individuals travelling overseas; especially where increased dangers to the traveller exist and should be used in conjunction with the Corporate Traveller Programme.

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