Surveillance Services

As a part of an investigation or research project it might be necessary for surveillance activities to be carried out to establish or refute certain facts. Surveillance can be used to confirm illegal activities, (thefts, drug abuse etc.), malpractice and sabotage or to counter claims made against the organisation or individual.

Surveillance can be undertaken in many formats including physical, technical or electronic. Irrespective of the type of surveillance used Trident Manor will only conduct surveillance that is legal and accepted within the jurisdiction where it is undertaken.

Trident Manor can provide a discreet surveillance service that is able to support organisational security teams, insurers and the legal profession in establishing the facts based on observations undertaken. In addition we can provide a counter-surveillance and surveillance detection service in association with former governmental associates.

For a confidential no obligation discussion about the surveillance capabilities (including counter and detection) of Trident Manor feel free to contact us.