Travel Risk Management

International travel is becoming a lot more important for businesses and individuals as they seek new markets. Whilst most travel is undertaken without any adverse consequences unnecessary risks to individuals and the organisation are being taken that can and do result in injury, loss and harm.

Trident Manor recognises the risks faced by travellers and is able to manage them in order to reduce the likelihood and consequences of an event occurring. This is achieved by providing up to date, accurate travel advice, guidance and training for individual travellers or organisations that send their staff overseas for business purposes.

Our process starts with a review of the travel proposals and itineraries, where personal safety and security considerations are made based on socio-economic factors, violence and conflict, crime and welfare (medical, infrastructure, accommodation). Where risks are identified measures to reduce or where possible remove them are introduced to enable the travel to go ahead more safely and securely.

Trident Manor can provide individuals or organisations (including families) with educational and training programmes to help make overseas travel safer and more secure.

Whilst overseas, Trident Manor can provide support service for travellers with safety or security questions, problems or concerns. If needed Trident Manor can deploy personnel to help manage the risks on the ground during visits; whether long or short term.

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