Undercover Operations

There are times when thefts or other disruptive activities take place within the organisation or supply chain and there is no evidence of what or how the event has been caused. Physical, technical and operational security measures have been employed but the causation still cannot be determined. Of the few options left is for the organisation to accept the losses (not recommended as this will create an acceptance of illegality) or if all other investigative measures have failed deploy undercover personnel to try and establish the facts. However, undercover operations should be seen as a last resort due to the cost to the client and the increased dangers faced by an undercover researcher.

Trident Manor has the ability to deploy undercover personnel to obtain the evidence relating to theft or other disruptive activities in the UK or subject to legally being able to conduct the assignment. Due to the sensitive nature of this work no agreement will be undertaken unless the safety and welfare of the operative can be successfully managed.

For a confidential no obligation discussion about the use and deployment of undercover personnel feel free to contact us.