Benefits of Excellent Training Facilities

Friday, 4th June 2021

In addition to good content and expert trainers having excellent facilities enables learning experiences to be undertaken in an appropriate environment. Trident Manor Training Academy is grateful to have such facilities at its base in the North East of England.

Benefits of Excellent Training Facilities

While content and delivery are critical for educational and learning development having the correct setting can made all the difference to effective and enjoyable learning. Part of the reason why Trident Manor established itself in Darlington was because of the excellent educational setting that existed within the building where the head office is located.

As well as having rooms that can sit up to 100 people there is the ability to split the main learning area into two so that simultaneous learning and programme delivery can take place. There are separate breakout rooms and a large open space where delegates and learners can relax. It is equally important that training facilities have the correct level of technology and IT support services that allow streaming and connectivity to take place between learners and deliverers. We have been able to host global training sessions with individuals and organisations whilst using technology to show and display programme content.

In addition it is always helpful when welfare facilities, catering and vending services are available on site. 

Trident Manor Training Academy uses our excellent facilities as a part of our constant strive to deliver highly professional and meaningful programmes for our delegates, irrespective of it being 4 hours or 4 days and in-house or bespoke learning programmes. As an Accredited learning centre with a number of learning providers we understand that a happy student is more likely to be an effective learner.

If you would like to understand more about our facilities or range of programmes visit our Training Academy calendar or contact us.