Canadian Outreach for Trident Manor

Tuesday, 26th March 2024

Trident Manor hosted a Canadian colleague for 10 days of training, operational awareness, and the delivery of consultancy services with the intention of some of our services becoming available to the Canadian Cultural Heritage community

Canadian Outreach for Trident Manor

Mark Collins a retired Canadian detective who has several years of cultural protection experience visited the Trident Manor team to understand a bit more about how we deliver our Cultural Protection Services. He was particularly keen to understand and learn from our security risk assessment processes and was impressed with the quality of the training programmes that have been developed by Trident Manor. Before heading back to Canada Mark was able to join the Advanced Certificate in the Protection of Cultural Venues programme alongside colleagues and managers from one of the UK's leading National Museums.

Following the training Mark confirmed that he was hugely impressed with the programmes and the professionalism of the whole Trident Manor team.

We were able to hold meaningful discussions which will result in an increased delivery of Trident Manor's cultural protection training programmes across Canada. Mark will be working with the Trident Manor team to increase the outreach of our cultural protection services. Mark said that he was extremely happy to be able to share with the Canadian community the services and training that have been developed by Trident Manor.