China Adopts a Gradual Approach to Museum Reopening

Sunday, 10th May 2020

Following the near global lockdown on museums is China showing a sensible way to reopen to the public?

China Adopts a Gradual Approach to Museum Reopening

China's Palace Museum, (the Forbidden City) was closed to the public on the 25th January to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19. On the 1st of May there was a partial reopening where visitor numbers were capped at 5000. 

Visitors are required to book on-line, wear face masks and have temperatures checked before entry is permitted; all very sensible measures. Due to the success of the partial reopening there are reports that this will be expanded further this week to increase the numbers to 8000.

As China was the epicentre of the virus it is sensible to watch and monitor how they are reopening for business. Across the cultural sector there are few reasons not to follow actions that have been proven to be successful. The only additional points that I would add that wasn't mentioned in the reports would be the requirement for hand sanitization on entry, some form of social distancing and the establishment of a controlled route around the venue (where possible).

If museums or other cultural venues have not started planning for their reopening then now is the time. If support or assistance is required Trident Manor has the expertise and experience through our Cultural Protection Services to help cultural venues reopen for business whilst reducing the risks that exist. Contact us.