Crisis Communications Training

Friday, 11th November 2022

In November, our training team travelled to Lancashire to deliver Crisis Communications training to one of our long-standing clients.

Crisis Communications Training

Crisis Communications is offered to clients across the UK and internationally as part of our consultancy services or our specialist training programme. 

In recent years, even months, we have seen an increase in the demand for crisis communications implemented into many organisations' policies and procedures. Depending on their clientele, services and location, their crisis communication and crisis management plan will be different, but they should still be linked.

Our Crisis Communications programme enables attendees, whether they are security staff or members of senior management, to understand their own policies and procedures and identify any problem areas they feel need further development.

To engage those who attend our programme, we develop scenario-based practical activities specially for each venue. For our most recent client, we proposed that a child had been reported missing and had groups develop a holding statement and media statement. 

By engaging them in these activities, they understand the severity and importance of miscommunication, incidents involving vulnerable people, and how to keep their venue safe and secure for staff and visitors.

For further information regarding our Crisis Communications training programmes and consultancy services, contact us on 01325 734849 or via email.