Delivering Cultural Protection Training at Hartlepool Art Gallery, UK

Monday, 29th April 2024

Trident Manor's Trainee Security Consultant, Hannah Miller, delivered CPD Certified Cultural Protection training to delegates from cultural venueswithin the North East of England.

Delivering Cultural Protection Training at Hartlepool Art Gallery, UK

On Monday 29th April, Hannah Miller delivered our Introduction to the Protection of Cultural Venues (CPD Certified) programme to volunteers, managers and front-of-house staff operating in the Teeside and County Durham area.

This programme is a great introduction to Understanding the Threats that exist at cultural venues, including social, adversarial, cyber, and environmental. It also uses easy-to-understand frameworks like the Five Stage Attack Cycle, highlighting the target selection and planning process followed by criminals when carrying out an attack, whether it be robbery, burglary, terrorism, or a protest.

We then discuss the importance of Situational Awareness and Surveillance Detection as useful tools for both work and everyday life. Being alert and proactive in how we address potential threats to cultural venues could save lives as well as the prevention of financial, operational, and reputational damage.

Finally, the programme ended by addressing the most effective operational practices all venues should have in place to ensure all staff are knowledgeable of their roles and responsibilities, that the use of any technical equipment is carried out by competent individuals or teams, and that training and education, like this programme, has been completed to ensure staff are supported with continuous learning opportunities.

During our training, we draw upon a series of examples and case studies to highlight the reality of the threats that exist. This has proven to be beneficial to participants with one person sharing the below comment in their feedback:

"Excellent 'live' examples of incidents, the videos and photographs really helped. An excellent course."

We are proud to have delivered our Cultural Protection Services and Training around the world including Kosovo, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi, and across the UK. If this is something we can support your organisation with, please feel free to contact us - or our social media (LinkedInXFacebookInstagram).