IAASF 2024 - Speaker Line-Up Announcement

Friday, 7th June 2024

The IAASF Committee are delighted to announce the speaker line-up for IAASF 2024. After much deliberation, the draft edition of the 2024 programme is available to view below.

IAASF 2024 - Speaker Line-Up Announcement

Following an exceptional response from speakers around the world, we are delighted to share who will be delivering educational and informative sessions at IAASF 2024 - 'Developing Resilience for Protecting Cultural Venues'.

This year, the key term is 'Resilience' as a protective tool for cultural and heritage venues when it comes to there safety and security. All submitted proposals showed the appropriate quantity and quality relating to the term regarding how to identify the threats to the cultural sector and the proactive solutions that can be adopted.

See the images below for the first edition of the IAASF 2024 programme. This will be updated as further announcements are made.

If you have any questions regarding IAASF, please feel free to contact the IAASF Coordinator Louise Williamson - louise.williamson@tridentmanor.com / (+44) 01325 734850.