Icelandic Security Review

Friday, 5th May 2023

The first days of May 2023 saw members of Trident Manor heading off to Iceland to undertake a security review on behalf of a US-based organisation.

Icelandic Security Review

On Tuesday the 2nd of May 2023 a Trident Manor representative drove to Glasgow before taking a flight into Reykjavik where they were going to undertake a ‘snap’ unannounced security review of an organisation on behalf of a United States based organisation.

Unannounced audits, by default, do not give organisations time to prepare and hide things they do not want reviewers to see. There are two main elements to the unannounced audit process the first being an assessment and evaluation of the physical and technical security measures that exist at a site. This involves ‘pen-testing’ and seeing how far entry can be gained and assets compromised before being challenged. The second is more akin to an auditor assessing and evaluating the protective layers that exist, including the physical elements, technical measures, operational practices and levels of awareness of general staff members.

Owing to the presence of a barking dog (who said traditional measures don’t work) the pen-testing did not proceed very far at all. The second element was all found to be in order with a few areas where improvements could be made but which were enhancing as opposed to replacing existing security measures.

After the review, it is always beneficial sitting with CEOs or members of the senior management team and discuss any concerns, threats that may exist, and future plans to ensure that new threats or risks are inadvertently being introduced. Especially when over a meal of local delicacies including Puffin and whale meat.

The time was also used to hold business development discussions especially where our consultancy services can add real benefit.