Information Security for the Business Traveller

Wednesday, 16th March 2022

Today our managing director gave a presentation to the 'Export Academy' of the British governments, Department of International Trade regarding 'Information Security'.

Information Security for the Business Traveller

As a continued part of Trident Manor’s outreach and support for regional businesses Andy Davis, our managing director, gave a presentation to the future exporters from across the North-East region about ‘Information Security’.

This was not exclusively a ‘cyber security’ presentation but one where ‘information’ in all of its formats was discussed. The presentation helped the delegates understand different formats that information exists, how valuable information is as an organisational asset, the different threats that exist to business travellers (especially those travelling internationally), and sensible steps that can be taken to protect it.

The presentation drew heavily on the fact that Andy has worked for governmental and corporate organisations in over 40 countries around the world. Case studies were shared that drove home the fact that the threats are real.

Some excellent feedback was received, and Trident Manor is looking forward to working with the DIT in future projects to support those seeking to grow their businesses around the world in a safe and secure manner.

If you would like further information about how we can help you protect your information feel free to contact the Trident Manor Team on 01325-734849 or email at: