January Penetration Testing of Venues

Wednesday, 31st January 2024

During January 2024 Trident Manor personnel undertook two international penetration tests of organisations base in Iceland and Holland.

January Penetration Testing of Venues

During January 2024 members of the Trident Manor team visited Iceland and Holland to undertake penetration tests to ensure that physical and technical security measures were appropriate to protect a clients assets and operational practices.

These activities involved conducting surveillance activities on the premises, to watch for any breaches in operational practices and to ensure that correct security procedures were being undertaken. Then a ‘skip-dip’ was undertaken to establish if any private or confidential materials had been discarded, before entry was attempted into the facility.

In Iceland, the team member was stopped and challenged as they entered a prohibited space and accompanied to the main office where credentials were shown and the audit continued.

In Holland, the team member was able to observe a gap in the procedural activities of staff members that allowed the physical security barriers to be by-passed and entry gained into a sensitive area that should have restrictive entry. The operative was able to video the activities and then make their way to the management team who were briefed on the vulnerabilities and shown how entry could be gained.

Andy Davis said, “Ultimately, the aim is not to catch organisations out it is to test the physical, technical and operational security measures to ensure they work to protect assets, including the tested organisations reputation.”

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